We can never thank you enough!


To our dedicated donors – with your long-term support we will continue to make a real difference in the lives of disadvantaged children and their families in communities in Rwanda, Russia, Nepal, and Ethiopia.

Legacy Society

Cumulative Giving
  • Endowment Benefactor - $250,000+
  • Champions - $75,000+
    Peter and Nora Adamson
  • Patrons - $50,000+
    Allergan Canada
  • Sustainers - $20,000+
    Michael Green and Jacquie Green
    Gordon and Pamela Henderson
    Robert Keyes and Barbara Jackson
    Florence Minz
    Northpine Foundation
    Joe and Mary Francis Sheehan
  • Believers - $10,000+
    David and Rosemary Adamson
    Richard and Leslie Adamson
    Angela Angelucci
    Lynn and John Clappison
    Carole and Blair Cowper-Smith
    Flemingdon Park Golf Club
    Dr. Henry and Albiina Huang
    Schumacher Family Foundation
    Tides Canada Foundation
    Cynthia and Ian Webb
  • Advocates - $5,000+
    John and Mary Barnett
    Dr. Sylva and Klaus Brose
    Robert Donaldson
    Paul Fisher and Margie Barr
    Giselle Foundation
    Graham and Mary Hallward
    Tom MacMillan
    Real Self Foundation
    Lois and Donald Ross
    William and Sarah Vanderburgh