Where We Go
Face the Future™ Foundation’s first mission was to Russia in 1996. After dozens of missions to Ekaterinaburg, Saratov and Ulyanovsk, we have advanced medical care and performed hundreds of medical procedures to benefit young people, many of the children being orphans.  Profound change has happened in treatment capabilities as our team members side-by-side with local surgeons and professionals and through medical education sessions. Russia and its Federal Ministry of Health has provided extensive support to our missions and contributing to the outcomes in the country.  In addition, Vladislav Tretiak and his national charitable foundation has been a significant financial supporter. In 2013, we began our missions to Rwanda and since then our teams have made extraordinary advances making a differences in the lives of children, their families and the countries medical system. Close to 100 young lives have been saved or transformed through highly complex facial plastic reconstructive surgery. Also as a result our medical education mission model, the country’s first plastic surgery residents will soon complete their clinical practicums and go on to provide critical medical services for their communities. For more information on our humanitarian medical missions, contact hbannerman@rogers.com.