How We Work
Over the past 19 years, Toronto’s Dr. Peter Adamson has dedicated himself to responding to urgent medical needs in the third and second worlds where his specialized facial plastic reconstructive skills has changed young lives. Since creating Face the Future™ Foundation, he has built a large team of some of the world’s noted surgeons and other medical professionals who accompany him and together they have created a unique international humanitarian medical mission model. Our mission visits are partnerships with the local country’s health care system and the outcomes benefit patients but also build medical capacity in the regions. The first priority is to conduct live-saving, life-changing procedures to address complex facial cancerous tumours, serious burns and injuries experienced by young people. The second priority is to train and educate local doctors and health professionals. Our medical missions are made possible through donations from individuals, foundations and corporations but also Dr. Adamson and his team donate all of their time to plan and executive our missions.  Many also pay for some of their travel expenses and they bring some of their own medical supplies.