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Our Impact

We are unique in what we do because:
  • We treat the most complex of cases that even top-tiered North American surgeons and hospitals would find challenging to take on.
  • Our medical volunteer surgeons, specialists and nurses are dedicated to our cause, with most returning year after year to participate in our missions.
  • We make a lasting impact by training the local medical staff, nurses and other medical professionals. Most remain in their countries for training rather than seeking opportunities abroad, with some never returning ‘home’ to utilize their newly honed skills.
  • We change lives. We change futures. We provide hope – one child at a time.

The Impact We Create Together

Years of successful missions.

Over 3,000 consultations

Over 3,500 medical procedures transforming the lives of 2,000 patients

51 missions to Ukraine, Africa and Asia

130 surgeons trained

Major missions have contributed as much as $1M in services, equipment, and supplies

Medical alumni and current members are among the world’s top surgical and health professionals