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Who We Are

Face the Future™ Foundation was launched 1996 by internationally renowned head and neck surgeon Dr. Peter Adamson, OOnt, as a charitable organization.

The Foundation addresses the urgent medical needs of young people in developing countries who require life-altering, reconstructive surgery to treat highly complex facial deformities caused by birth defects, trauma and cancerous tumors.

Many of the children are abandoned by their families as a result of their deformity and are unable to obtain local medical help as a result of the high cost and complexities associated with their condition. Younger and a few older adults, especially those with cancer, may also be treated.  

Face the Future Foundation attracts the world’s most experienced facial plastic and reconstructive surgeons from some of the very best hospitals in the United States, Canada and Europe.  Dr. Adamson, along with his team of surgeons, nurses and other medical professionals donate their time on the humanitarian medical missions organized by the Foundation. Not only are young lives changed but a legacy of medical knowledge is transferred through the training and education of the local doctors, nurses and other health professional during these missions.

Throughout its history, Face the Future Foundation has espoused diversity, equity and inclusion through its Vision, Mission and Values. We recognize that promoting and practising diversity, equity and inclusion strengthens our organization, our surgical teams and every individual associated with our work.

Face the Future Foundation remains committed to actively engaging individuals from diverse backgrounds in our organization and on our mission teams. We also actively seek ways to promote cultural sensitivity amongst everyone within our organization, and reflect these values to all those with whom we associate, care for and share knowledge.