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Face The Future Together

Lifesaving, life-changing facial plastic reconstructive surgery for disadvantaged young people with complex facial deformities around the world.

We Live In a Global Village

Which means we are all in this together.

Join Our Family of Hope

Make a difference in the lives of others worldwide.

We would like to build a long-term relationship with you, to show you the impact your donations makes and how truly thankful we are to you.

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Our Life Saving Missions

We help others regardless of circumstance.

Our Founder

World Renowned Surgeon.

Dr. Peter A. Adamson of Toronto founded our international medical humanitarian and education organization in 1996. Since then, through donor support he has been leading some of the world’s medical leaders in transforming the lives of families and communities in developing countries.

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The Impact We Create Together

Years of successful missions.

Over 3,250 consultations

Over 3,830 medical procedures transforming the lives of 2,100 patients

56 missions to Ukraine, Africa and Asia

200 surgeons trained

Major missions have contributed as much as $1M in services, equipment, and supplies

Medical alumni and current members are among the world’s top surgical and health professionals